A quality lifestyle can come from a wide variety of sources, and a good toilet can be the most integral part

A quality lifestyle can come from a wide variety of sources, and a good toilet can be the most integral part. As we use our toilets several times a day, every day of the week, it is a large part of our daily lives – even if we refuse to admit it. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to select the most fitting toilet for your household. Below, we will explain the four types of toilets that could potentially enhance your everyday life.

1. The Affordable Two-piece Toilet

This is a classic instalment in any home in Malaysia. Made to be more affordable, this type of toilet is made from a separate tank and bowl that is combined through fittings. With an approximate cost range of RM 388 to RM 15,888, this type of toilet is attractive in price, yet a portion of people refuse to have it in their homes due to its difficulty in cleaning and maintenance. As this toilet comes in separate parts, the space between the tank and the bowl provides suitable breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria. There is no way of cleaning the toilet thoroughly without disabling the two parts and then reattaching it afterwards. This may be a hassle for individuals who seek toilets that can be cleaned easily and efficiently. Moreover, as this toilet requires the attachment of parts, it is deemed less durable due to the cracks that could easily appear over time. Despite its poor durability, the toilet parts can be easily purchased at an affordable price, further supporting the notion that this two-piece toilet is cost effective.

2. The Seamless One-piece Toilet

The One-piece Toilet provides a clean and seamless look to bathrooms due to its lack of joint parts that enable it to be cleaned more efficiently and effectively. You can tell that a toilet is a one-piece if there are no gaps between the tank and bowl, making it one singular unit. A huge advantage of this toilet is that it is incredibly easy to clean and durable, as the entire toilet is one large unit, making it more difficult for cracks and leaks to appear. The only downside to this toilet is that it is more expensive to own, costing about RM 500 to RM 15,888 typically and you would have to replace the whole toilet as it is one unit on its own.

3. The Modern Wall-Hung Toilet

These toilets are for those who want a classy and minimalist space to prepare and relieve themselves on a day-to-day basis. With the tank hidden inside the wall, wall-hung toilets are certainly more modern and aesthetically pleasing than their floor-mounted counterparts. As these toilets do not touch the floor, it makes for easy and spectacular cleaning without the need to bend down. However, as it is mounted to the wall instead of the floor, instalment costs for these modern toilets are higher and there is more plumbing work to be done to fix these up. These toilets start from the price of RM 668, and will go higher in price depending on the preferred design.

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