Mankind’s safest space – The bathroom

Modern classic bathroom with stone double sink and shower, minimalistic light grey interior design. 3d rendering

Since the evolution of bathrooms back in 3000 B.C, there have been numerous changes made towards the space where we shower, detoxify and make ourselves up. The bathroom has always been an essential part of one’s home.

To put things into perspective, here’s an analogy. Bathrooms are the most common space where individuals change their clothes, practice personal hygiene and carry out the most private activities as it is deemed as the most safe and secure spots in one’s home.

Ironically, bathrooms are also the same space where 80% of falls happen at home with two-thirds of these cases seeking for emergency services from healthcare professionals. Surprisingly, bathtubs, shower areas and sinks have reported more severe cases than balconies, stairways are kitchen areas.

Fortunately, sanitary solutions could be attained through one’s fingertips in this day and age. Individuals could easily prevent these incidents by crafting their safe space and planning their bathroom with the right brands, quality and prices. Leaking pipes, and rusty taps can no longer threaten your life if you get the right consultation. Hence, stay wary, and plan your safe space right.

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