Spice Up Your Boring Bathroom

We all know that the bathroom is the one place in your home where you can be totally alone. Despite the comfort it offers, we often pay little attention to what goes into this room


Flowers are a simple fix to give your bathroom a spa-like experience. With their ever-beautiful colors, they instantly brighten any room they are placed in

Hanging Light Fixtures

If you have ever spent your mornings trying to find the perfect glimmer of light to finish your makeup, you know that lighting is everything in a bathroom. An easy fix to increasing the light in your bathroom, while also adding to the aesthetic, is to install a hanging light fixture.

Area Rugs

Have you ever stepped out of your warm shower only to have the feeling ruined by your cold, hard tile? Try adding an area rug to your bathroom so your feet have somewhere warm to land. Not to mention, an intricate area rug will do wonders for your mood

Shaped Mirrors

If we had to guess what shape of mirror you have in your bathroom, we would presume it is either a rectangular or square. Are we right? While there are so many fun and intricate mirrors out in the world, most people stick to the basics. Think outside the box and look for a circle or vintage mirror instead.

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