What’s the right bathtub size for you?

Style, layout, and size are all factors to consider when choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom. This article, however, will only focus on the appropriate size of the bathtub and will offer advice on choosing the most suitable size for your bathroom.

Primarily, the available space you have in your bathroom should be the main consideration when choosing the most appropriate bathtub size. Certain bathtub dimensions may not be functional in small areas, while other bathtub sizes may not be proportionate to the size of a larger bathroom.

The right weight of the bathtub is also essential in ensuring that it is supported comfortably by the flooring. Copper and cast iron are good materials for individuals in search for heavier bathtubs, while porcelain is great for those searching for lighter bathtubs.

Another factor to consider is the budget allocated for bathtub hunting, as there are bathtubs that have higher labour and cost requirements to be set up properly.

Your needs in terms of bathtub specifications must also be evaluated closely to ensure that you’re not overpaying for a specific bathtub that may not be suitable for you. For instance, if you have an injury or restricted mobility, the tub size required for you to be fully comfortable should be larger than if you had no injury or mobility concerns.

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