Which the ideal for the placement of the toilet paper holder?

A toilet paper holder can be used to mount a towel rack on your wall (or the bathroom ceiling) for easy access to shower or bath towels.

One of the Toilet Appliances in your toilet remodel is where to put the toilet paper holder. Do you just throw it around? The National Kitchen and Bath Association researches bathroom ergonomics and flow and gives standard measurements for not only toilet, sink, and bath layout, but also toilet paper holder locating.

Sometimes the most essential Toilet Appliances are the ones we don’t think about until we need them. This paper holder can be attached to the side of your table saw or other tools to make small paper pieces easy to cut and hold.

The Standard toilet Paper Holder Placement is the most efficient way to keep your toilet paper rolls in the right place without wasting time or money.

Height Placement

Place your toilet paper holder 8 to 12 inches away from your toilet bowl on a wall. (For shorter users, such as kids, use 8 to 9 inches; for average to tall individuals, use 10 to 12 inches.) A toilet paper holder should be 26 inches above the ground.

Distance From Bathroom

The toilet paper holder must be 8 inches in front of the toilet on the side wall. If the wall is 8 inches or more away from the toilet, it might be on the side of the toilet. In front of the toilet, the distance between the toilet paper holder and the toilet should not exceed 12 inches.

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